1 - 6 OCTOBER 2017 – GRAN VIA


Technology, innovation, science and sustainability are the key factors for understanding the transformation of industry at a global level.
This transformation affects every sector and has a direct impact on our lives: the 4th Industrial Revolution.

At Fira de Barcelona we gave room to all these sectors over a week during which eight major events took place at the same time:
Expoquimia, Smart Chemistry Smart Future, Equiplast, IOT Solutions World Congress, 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering,
In3Dustry, World Chemical Summit and Eurosurfas with the aim of providing an overall vision of everything that is yet to come.

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  • Expoquimia
  • Smart Chemistry
  • Equiplast
  • Eurosurfas
  • World Chemical Summit
  • In3dustry
  • 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering
  • IOT Solutions World Congress

Come and take part in the activities of Barcelona Industry Week

  • 2 - 6 OCTOBER 2017
    >> The essential event for discovering the latest scientific innovations
    that will be underpinning the future of the science and chemical industry sectors.

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    2 - 6 OCTOBER 2017
    >> Come and check out the capacity of chemicals
    to improve the world
    through innovative solutions
    to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
    established by the United Nations.

  • 2 - 6 OCTOBER 2017
    >> Discover the latest innovations in the production of
    rubber and plastics
    , and take part in the biggest business platform
    for plastics companies in Europe.

  • 2 - 6 OCTOBER 2017
    >> A hub of business and new products that reveals
    the latest innovations in paints and surface treatments.

  • 4 - 5 OCTOBER 2017
    >> We'll tell you how the chemical industry can help
    to tackle and solve the biggest challenges facing society

    through applications that contribute to virtually every area of the economy.

  • 3 - 5 OCTOBER 2017
    >> Discover the solutions offered by additive and advanced
    to fulfill the new technological needs
    of the industrial sector.

  • 1 - 5 OCTOBER 2017
    >> Take advantage of this unique opportunity that brings together
    researchers and specialists in chemical engineering
    with the aim of developing more innovative processes
    for the industry of the future.

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    3 - 5 OCTOBER 2017
    >> The leading global event for the Internet of Things industry,
    a new sector that is already defining our society today.



The best professionals of the sector will be exhibiting the most innovative and comprehensive products in
the whole production chain at this new hub for the fourth industrial revolution.

Industrial users looking for solutions


    CAD,CAE, Geometry, Acquisition, 3D Scan, VR, Product simulation Software


    Resources, Raw materials, Advanced materials, Smart materials, Composites


    CAM, DNC/PLC, Robots/AGV, IOT, RFID, PDM/PLM, Sustainability, Automation, Additive manufacturing, Advanced manufacturing


    Automotive, Aeronautics, Design and habitat, Healthcare, Architecture, Packaging, Toys, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Food

Get involved in the technological transition

An opportunity for professionals in every sector to discover the latest innovations and increase their contacts and business opportunities by taking advantage of the synergies generated at the event.

Plenary Session:
Future of Industry

Plenary Session: Future of Industry

Companies are faced with a major technological challenge that they have to incorporate into their strategies. The crisis has favoured companies' awareness of the need to target foreign markets more and more intensively and with a greater differentiation of their products.
The seminar The future of the industry wants to be a first great forum for meeting the Spanish industrial sector to share diagnoses, transfer experiences and offer solutions.

Date: 2 OCT
Time: 10:00 - 14:00
Where: Hall 2 – WCS Room
Language: English
Price: Free of charge



  • Consorci zona franca

IncydeCámara de comercioCámara de comercioFeder



CIRCULAR ECONOMY EUROPEAN SUMMIT (CEES), in an effort to expand its presence and approach to different sectors that take part of the world of circular economy, will be present at the Barcelona Industry Week promoting a space for debate and seminars related to the themes that are defining the present and future of industrial processes as well as our patterns of consumption. In this sense, CEES promotes the seminar on Industrial Biotechnology (Expoquimia), the discussion board of Plastic in the Circular Economy (Equiplast) and Environmental Seminar (Eurosurfas) that will focus on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Objectives in the sector Industrial through the principles of Circular Economy.


Logo Industrial Biotech

Industrial Biotech

Industrial Biotechnology is reshaping the future by creating new innovative products and providing more efficient and sustainable processes for the food, chemical, cosmetics, pharma, plastics and energy industries, as well as offering novel solutions for waste management and pollution reduction.

Date: 2 - 6 OCT
Where: Gran Via Venue



Circular Economy

Logo Aimplas

Plastics in Circular Economy

The aim of the event is to give an approach and explain how the European initiatives on Circular Economy affects plastic materials and companies of the sector and how some companies are getting ready. Cases of success, innovative actions and new opportunities for companies from the plastics sector in Spain. Development of the event: Two dynamic and interactive debate tables. An introductory keynote presentation and then questions to each speaker with a moderator.

Date: 4 OCT
Time: 9:30 - 13:30
Where: CC4 - Room 4.3



Circular Economy


Environmental Seminars

We are at a key moment in time in terms of our society's progress and, evidently, the future of our planet. To date we have carried out our industrial and domestic activities according to the demands of our immediate wellbeing by means of a society based on a throwaway form of consumption, to the point where we are now facing some serious challenges in our immediate future and that of the generations to come.

Date: 4 - 5 OCT
Where: CC4 - Room 4.4



Circular Economy


From the programs of our 8 events taking place during Industry Week we have selected those activities related to Digital Manufacturing. Click the itineraries button to check & download the various different itineraries designed around these activities.


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The fourth industrial revolution will entail a paradigm shift for every industry, as it gives companies new technical capabilities that could represent significant competitive advantages when it comes to adding value to their client offering in terms of flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

To take part in this guided tour you need to complete the attached form. The professional profiles of applicants will be taken into account before confirming registrations. The registration fee is €30.

If you prefer, you can also take the route on your own.

Be a part of the 4th Industrial Revolution


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From 1 to 6 October 2017, Barcelona will become the capital of the 4th Industrial Revolution thanks to Barcelona Industry Week, the key event for getting an insight into the future of industry right now.


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